Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Story - Creation: Congratulations, its a boy and a girl

Focus passage : Genesis 2-3

They are three of the highlights of my life. They are the days that each of my three children was born. My wife, Joan, and I had always wanted kids to share our life with and God granted that request. Three beautiful children with all their fingers and toes were given to us. Oh the joy and the heartaches! Yet, part of the bliss has been and still continues to be watching them grow. Helping them through the trials and watching their lives blossom. I may be jaded, but I picture God in the darkness before creation wanting children. I picture Him wanting to have someone to invest in and to watch grow and bloom. It is a scene in four acts.

  • Preparing the nursery Genesis 1:1 In the beginning was a void like the darkest room that you can imagine with no light and no sound. Into that space, God created a world for His children to live. He filled it with light, sea and land wrapped in an atmosphere in three days. Next, He took three more days to fill it with time and animals. The nursery was ready and it was good. No, it was perfect for nothing but the best would be good enough for the ones God loved.

  • The delivery room Genesis 1:26 Now, on the end of the sixth day, God brought the man He loved into being. He was shaped out of the dust by the hand of God and given the image or quality of God so that he could communicate and understand God. Since man was alone, God gave him a partner created from his rib and told them to care for his world and have children so God would have more people to love.

  • Creation broken Genesis 3:6 God had not wanted slaves, but rather children who chose to love Him so he gave them a choice. An angel named Satan, who had already made the choice to not love God, lied and made false promises and lured the man and woman God loved to make the same bad choice. They saw the fruit as a way to be like God. With that choice creation was broken. Men would kill one another and the world would become evil so that love for God was not natural.

  • Creation reborn Titus 3:5 Yet God still loved man and could not abandon him. God promised a savior to a people who often turned their back on God. That Savior was God’s son, Jesus, who would die on a cross so man could be loved by God again. God wants to live with us forever. He wants to walk with us and help us every day of our lives. He sent His son and tells His story so that we can feel His love and love Him in return.

The Bible is the story of love. A lot of people think that the Bible is a rule book or is just a musty history book. God wants you to know that it is a love story about the love that God has for people. God is love and He wants you to feel that love. He wants you to share that love with others so more people can feel His love and respond with love. Those who feel God’s love are the luckiest people in the world. They have a God who is their Father and who promises to provide and protect His people. They will build a loving relationship with God that will give them an edge in life.